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Just Order Online Limited is rolling out its brand new self checkouts, JOOpos, which allow customers to order and pay for their food. JOOpos helps restaurants make huge savings on staff wages and increases sales. It is easy to set up and its custom built software never forget to up-sell your products and services. It speeds up the ordering process and let your customers order under a stress free atmosphere. It is proven to reduce human error and boost sales.
JOOpos helps your business operate more efficiently since it free up your staff to focus more on areas where attention is required.
Call us on 0208144 2123 or 07446152123 to discuss your requirement.
Why its time to deploy JOOpos?
JOOpos enhances the Perception of your Business
JOOpos helps you save Money on Wages
JOOpos is Easy to Set up and Maintain
JOOpos provides Better Service and increases Sales
Custom Built Software that matches your business requirement

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JOO app

Just Online Order websites (JOO Sites) are Having an iOS and Android app for your business, let your customers download them and keep it in their phone. This lets you be in touch with your customers 24 hours a day. Our JOOapps are affordable and custom made to meet your requirements. JOOapps let your customers place orders online, make reservation and view your menu. Moreover, its improves your business and keeps your regular customers informed.
JOO App Features
*iOS and Android apps
*Affordable and commission free
*Cash Payment and Card Payment Options
*Online Reservation Form

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OOsites are bespoke restaurant websites that can take orders online. It uses JOO Framework to function and can be extended to a wide range of applications. JOOsites are Mobile phone friendly content management system with integrated payment gateways and SSL for added security .
Basic Features
* Content Management System
*Mobile Responsive design
*Payment Gateway Integrated
*Voucher Facility Integrated
*SSL Protected

  • I get an average of 50-60 orders every week. Setting up JOOsite and JOOapp was the best thing I have done for my business

  • We have most of our regulars ordering from our app and they find it easier too. JOOapp has increased the frequency of orders.

  • JOOpos helps me save a lot of money everyday on wages. Also it has improved the service in my shop

Pricing Plans

Special Installment Options and Reselling Options are available.
Please call us on 020 8581 1375 or 0744 615 2123 for more details.
India : +91 94 972 666 77




  • Mobile Friendly website, Order Receiving Terminal, Social Media Profiles From £400




  • iOS and Android apps, Order Receiving Terminal, SOcial Media Profiles From £400


First of all, a big thanks to our Investors from Abroad.As things have gone as planned, next thing on agenda is Scale Up. Private equity investments are welcome. Please fill up the form and send us.

Why should invest in JOO?

  • Processes orders worth 100's of thousands of Pounds every month
  • Huge growth rate
  • Satisfied customers in the UK
  • Excellent Market fit
  • Ever increasing demand
  • One of its kind solution
  • Complete solution-From building online shop to taking orders
  • Globally Scalable -(World wide demand, Internet service, hence Global operation from London)
  • Lucrative Exit Plans, Ask us how?
  • Product that help Corporate company services reach high street businesses
  • We rejuvenate High Street Businesses